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Geography Lesson - Jenni And Jason's Wedding Planning Journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
planning discussion for Jenni and Jason's Wedding,

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Geography Lesson [May. 13th, 2008|03:37 pm]
planning discussion for Jenni and Jason's Wedding,


[Feeling |geekygeographic]

This is to unconfuse people who may be confused. I hope.

Google map of part of Illinois (annotated)

The above map is a Google map clip of part of the state of Illinois. I have circled the locations of the cities of Chicago (northeast), Naperville (northeast), and Champaign (east central). We live in Urbana, which is immediately east of Champaign. The wedding venue is in Naperville (actually in an unincorporated area, but the mailing address is Naperville). Please note the map scale.

Google map of part of Chicago area (annotated)

On this map, I have circled the location of the venue (Tamarack Golf Club), the location of the hotel we've blocked rooms at (it's under the I-88 shield on the map), and the location for the rehearsal dinner after the actual rehearsal at the venue (building on the letter "R" in Naperville, only appropriate to those invited to that, but I didn't make a separate map). I've also marked O'Hare International Airport, Midway Airport, and the downtown area of Chicago, where Union Station (Amtrak trains and Metra trains to Naperville) and the Loop are. CTA rapid transit service is available from both airports to the Loop. Again please note the map scale.

[User Picture]From: jillthepill
2008-05-13 09:21 pm (UTC)
Wow, that isn't too far, when you look at Naperville to Chicago. I mean, it looks closer than an approximately one hour train ride. But I know that's considering stops and such.

But WHOA, Champaign to Naperville...how long a drive is that? I know by train, Champaign to Chicago is a couple hours. Granted, that looks like a pretty straight shot up 57, road-wise.

And also, I love the name Kankakee. It's just so catchy! I remember giggling at the name the first time I heard it.
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[User Picture]From: jennilee_rose
2008-05-14 04:03 pm (UTC)
it's about a 2-2.5 hour drive to the burbs from Chambana. Depending on the route you take.
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[User Picture]From: jrianne
2008-05-14 09:47 pm (UTC)
thanks for the geo lesson. I had no idea you were so far south and it's good to know more what I'm really looking at distance-wise from airport to hotels and such. :)
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